Do you take the Bible literally?

(Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in a modified form here.)

By Andy White

I am often asked, when discussing religion, if I take the Bible literally. People intend different things by this question, and a terse answer may not always hit the mark. In fact, even the definition of “literally” may be somewhat controversial, so I find it best to use the question as an opportunity to explore the matter further.

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Marching women face diverging paths

By Isaac Guess

Both images stirred deep emotion, revulsion, and horror in many Christians. The first was old video footage of the president boasting of his conquests and violation of women. The other was the banner borne by two participants in the recent Women’s March on Washington that read, “If Mary had had an abortion, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

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Fight the battles worth fighting

By Elsie Dalton

I doubt anyone would challenge the fact that Christians are called to preach the gospel at all times. But in the last six months, I have watched many of my Christian friends push evangelism to the back burner in favor of taking a political stand. Social media has been toxic and civil conversation almost impossible — even among Christians. Please read this as coming from a fellow Christian trying to find a balanced attitude toward politics.

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Hooray for big government!

(Editor’s note: This essay was originally published here.)

By Mike Rogers

I think all Christians should desire an increase in government’s size and arena of control. More government in health care, more in education, more in environmental issues, more in our personal lives … more, more, more! We should not only desire governmental expansion, we should do everything we can to make it happen. We are not capable of ruling ourselves; we need government to do it for us.

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