Bringing home the ‘Eve in Exile’

By Abby Rogers

As a little girl, I often wished I was born a boy. I sometimes longed to share in the deep fraternity of my two brothers. In many ways, the typical portrayal of manhood (adventure, bravery, strength) has always appealed more to me than the portrayal of womanhood (housework, emotional, weak). But I never once thought, “Well, because I feel like being a boy, that must mean I am one or should be one.” Continue reading Bringing home the ‘Eve in Exile’

‘My Church’ is a siren song for country

by Joseph Weyel

I recently attended a Home Free concert with my 14-year-old son. For those of you not familiar with them, Home Free is a “vocal band” made up of four singers and a talented beat-boxer. The group, which performs a cappella mixes of popular country music hits, shot into stardom after winning season four of The Sing Off on NBC. Continue reading ‘My Church’ is a siren song for country

The moral of Beauty and the Beast

by Joseph B. Weyel

Disney will release its live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast — in theaters everywhere March 17 — to frenzied protest, fear and anticipation. My wife and children have been swept up in the excitement as they await the remake of their favorite Disney animation — and, I must confess, I too have anticipated the release. Fueling our anticipation, we saw a preview of the first eight minutes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during a recent family vacation at the Disney World Resort.

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Do you take the Bible literally?

(Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in a modified form here.)

By Andy White

I am often asked, when discussing religion, if I take the Bible literally. People intend different things by this question, and a terse answer may not always hit the mark. In fact, even the definition of “literally” may be somewhat controversial, so I find it best to use the question as an opportunity to explore the matter further.

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